Monday, May 30, 2016

Last Day in Kona 2016

Temperature, 86 degrees, sunny and beautiful

The plan was to get up super early and spend the day on some beach before our late night flight out of Kona to Seattle at 10:50PM.  We didn't wake up until about 7:45 and then rushed to get some beach stuff together.  The weather forecast was supposedly not very good but it was sunny in Kona so we decided just to stay at our place for the day.

We started out with a nice outing to the pool where we met some interesting people, including a sugar daddy and his "trophy" wife who lived at Kona Reef full time.  Oh my, she was a piece of work.  She had pink lipstick, high heels, and gold full forearm wristlet gold thingys.  She was dancing by the side of the pool by herself.  Hilarious!  But who am I to judge - God love her!  She lives looking out at the ocean daily and owns her own dress ship in downtown Kona and gets to dance by the pool daily.  Dreamy.

After a couple of hours at the pool, we decided to hit the beach next door to our place.  We staked out a nice spot and sat in the sun for a couple of hours drinking POG and Meyers rum with a couple of beers mixed in.  This is the same beach where all the surfers and boogie boarders start from and there are rocks in the beach line so hard to swim.  We tried but I saw urchins and didn't want to get stung again.

We then decided it was time to start packing a bit but we wanted to hit one more beach at sunset and then maybe a drink with Danny and Kanoe if we can fit it in.  We packed for a while and then headed south just a couple of miles on Ali'i Drive to Magic Sands Beach.  Arrghhh - why did we just discover this the last day!  The sand was perfect and the surf was so fun.  We body surfed a few waves until done had me to a complete cart wheel underwater and I decided probably not a good idea to stay out and chance getting injured.  We watched part of the sunset here and then decided to watch the rest from our Lanai.

We landed back at Kona Reef for the last time and caught the tail end of our last Kona sunset for a while.  We'll be back.  Spent the next hour or two packing and talking about what a great time we had on our trip to Kona.  Off to the airport.  Said to drop off the convertible mustang and then on the 10:50 flight to Seattle.

Arrived to 56 degree cloudy weather at 7:25AM PST on Sunday the 29th.  Good to be home?

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