Saturday, May 21, 2016


89 degrees, mostly sunny - hot!

Woke up to cloudless skies - beautiful morning!  I went for a short 1.5 mile walk into and back from town.  Kona is really growing on me - it is like a large Lahaina town.

Today was our first day of diving and we had a lot of fun with Kona Diving Company and crew.  Captain Paul from Tacoma, DM Billy from Issaauah, Katie, LIT (Lindsey in Training), Kerry (owner).  Other guests were Michael from Seattle (wearing a Sounders shirt - his first boat dive), a couple from SF, Indiana and a young couple doing Discover Scuba from Calgary.  Boat Name:  Haile Kai. our first dive site - Golden Arches.  Dive time:  71 minutes, max depth 52 feet.  A nice starter dive for Carrie (and I) to get our fins back under us.  She and her back did great!  Our dive master Billie wore an orange mohawk thing on his head so that we could identify him under water.  We saw a few junvenile yellowtail coris wrasse that are beautiful.  About 3-4 inches long and bright orange and white.  Also saw tucked under some coral a dragon moray eel which is a rare find, an adult frog fish and two bright yellow juveniles.  Wore my new 3mm Henderson wetsuit with 12 pounds of weight - perfect.  Second dive was called High Rock.  It almost reminded me of Kosrae with lots of hard coral heads and beautiful fish.

We saw dolphins on the way out and back in to the harbor - such majestically beautiful animals.  I hope we see some under water!

Came back to the condo and crashed on the couch for an hour before a walk to town that including a new pair of sandals for me and a hat and swim suit for Carrie.  We went to dinner at Quinns and had a couple of mai tai's which were actually quite good.  The food was ok - I had a grilled Ono salad and Carrie had fish and shrimp combo with Ono.

A nice walk back to the condo for some much needed sleep.  In bed at 10PM

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