Friday, May 20, 2016

first FULL day

86 degrees, everything from drizzle to pure sunshine.  Yep, we are in the tropics.

What a fun but tiring day.  First off - I was too excited to sleep.  I woke up at 1AM, is it time to get up yet?  No.  2AM, is it time?  No.  230, is it time?  NO!  I finally just got up at 4AM and glad I did and vowed to get up that early each and every day while here.

I went to Safeway to get some supplies (coffee) and came back and enjoyed the lanai with a cup.  I then went down to the beach and found a nice sitting rock and did a nice 20 minute meditation.  We then headed to the dive shop and checked in, sorted out our schedule (Carrie bought a wetsuit) and then we were off for a nice drive with the top down to Waimea town which is inland and up the mountain a bit.  It started to drizzle a bit so we pulled off to the Big Island Brewhaus for some excellent food (bean dip to die for, chimicunga for Carrie and some incredible fried fish bites for me).  The overboard IPA was my favorite (we did a sampler).

We then drive up and over the Kolala mountains to Polulu Valley for a nice hike to a beautiful black sand beach.

After our hike - we drive to Hawi where we were going to have dinner at Sushi Rock (a place that came highly recommended by Dax and Tim Lee).  But, they were closed for another hour.  We were tired and hungry so decided to drive the coast line back to Kona.

We saw a food truck on the side of the road for Malasadas (incredibly yummy Hawaiian donut) made to order.  I got mine with bavarian cream filling while Carrie got the coconut.  SO GOOD!  There was also another vendor there selling Pork Lau Lau and avacados.  I bought two avacados and 5 of the yummy pork wrapped in leaves.  We enjoyed them.  The leaves almost tasted like artichoke to me.

Carrie unfortunately stumbled and fell here and jarred her shoulder and has a nice huge bruise on her hip.  Poor Carrie!

We made our way back to Kona and were too bushed to do much else.  I took a quick dip in the pool and watched a nice sunset.  The sun was HUGE!

In bed at 9PM, ready for our first dives in the morning!  Yeah!

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