Friday, May 20, 2016

5/18/16 First Day

Alaska Flight 843 Departed Seattle at 10:37, arrived Kona 1:30

Hot and Muggy!  Wasn't expecting that as when we were in Maui a few years back it wasn't muggy. But it is nice!

Got talked into an upgrade to a convertible mustang for our trip.  Didn't factor in the trunk space but I was able to CRAM everything in.  We sure looked like tourists rolling down the road with our huge suitcases (as we had all our scuba gear) piled in the backseat.  We hit Costco - fairly non-eventful and made our way to Kona.

Found D16 at the Kona Reef quite easily.  The location is AMAZING!

The unit is pretty run down but again, the view is ridiculous.  Had a lazy afternoon unpacking and exploring the place.  Went to Huggo's for a cocktail which is right on the water - cool spot.  We were then going to eat across the street at Bongo Ben's but our seats were right on the boardwalk and there was a guy doing tai chi or something right in front of us.  So, we moved to Huggo's On The Rocks across the street where some dude was jamming on his acoustic guitar and set the mood right.  We had some very average fish tacos while shooing palmetto roaches away from the wall next to our table.

Short walk back to the condo, to bed and ready for our first full day...............

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