Sunday, May 22, 2016

First Saturday

83 degrees, mostly sunny - not quite as warm, thank God.

Moonrise from our lanai......

Had another set of beautiful dives this morning.  Our first dive was to Pyramid which was out on the point north of town.  A fairly surgy dive as were right up against the rocks.  A few octos out and about playing which was fun to watch.  Dive time:  78 minutes, max depth 68 feet.  

Our second dive was right by the harbor as we had a lady diver who had ear issues so we had to take her back to the marina.  It was an exciting dive as we saw a Tiger Shark while leaving the harbor so there was a good chance to see her under water!!!!!!!!  The one thing I want to see while diving in Kona is a Tiger!  Lots of fish - like we were in an aquarium on this dive.  But I was on the hunt for the tiger shark so I didn't see much in the way of small stuff.  We did spot a pod of dolphins out in the channel which was fun.  First time ever seeing dolphins under water.  And, no tiger.  :-( Dive time:  79 minutes, max depth 66 feet.  Others on our boat did see the tiger though - one guy was taking photos of something small and swam ahead to rejoin his group and she swam right in front of him.  Thrilling!   He estimated size to be 15 feet long so take off the customary 25% and you get about 12 feet.  Still huge! I guess we did see her from the boat - so I did see a tiger shark.  I'm sure she saw me under water anyway.

We came back to the condo and Carrie wanted to go to the little market in downtown Kona.  I showered and fell asleep upright in the chair on the lanai while she got ready.  We headed down there and she bought a dress each for her and Hannah and also a couple for Reyhna and Aria.  I loaded up on papaya, mango and some veggies.  I then went to the store to get some fresh Ahi.  Yummy Willamette Valley pinot noir with seared ahi, fresh papaya, avacado, grilled zucchini and grilled chiabata bread.  What a meal!  Best meal we've had yet!


In bed at 8:30.  Sheesh!  Spending the day with Kanoe, Danny and Nevaeh tomorrow.  Going to Volcano and other stops along the way.  Should be fun.

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